Dateline: Mario on Joystiq

Thanks to the good people at, "dateline: mario" got a really nice plug and write up.

I'm a big fan myself of the "I didn't laugh at all I swear- at one point my grandmother sort of half smiled but it's cool because she was just having a stroke." type comments.

Mustaches for Kids

mustache's for kidsLast year I participated in the "Mustache's for Kids" charity. I created a video podcast to accompany the experience. You can watch them.

A five part series.

Guitar Hero on South Park - Where did i see this before?

Haven't seen the full episode yet but it just aired the other night, and yes it's probably a coincidence, but man they are even playing the same song. Click through to look at a comparison of the episode of South Park and our short "Guitar Hero Kid: Wayward Son?"

Pancake Film Festival

Much Love to Damon for allowing us to enter his International Pancake Film Festival. Maybe next year we'll make it out to Chicago.

International Pancake Film Festival

New Golden Boys Featured on Super Deluxe.

The new golden boys were featured again by Super Deluxe in the community section. Thanks folks. This time around it's "The Science of Discovery: America!".

GHK Featured on Super Deluxe

The Guitar Hero Kid made the front page of Super Deluxe. Thanks folks, you make babies smile. launches

Launched a new web site for "Where's My Robots". I don't know what the hell is gonna go on it yet, but its out there.

New Golden Boys Pilot

WE shot a 5 minute pilot for Channel 101/102 and an iFilm Comedy Central contest. You can check it out now over at iFilm- Much thanks to them for getting us on the front page.

iFilm: New Golden Boys Pilot

While your there...

Pants part 2 is online as well, vote us up

Red Devil Spots on

We posted some of our videos in the user video section at Be sure to check them out, and vote repeatedly.

More sketches

WE got 2 new sketches coming soon... the conclusion of "Pants in the Family" and a new one entirely. stay tuned and contact us for more info.

"Pants in Family" on iFilm

Our latest short was released on iFilm today. always remember if your not doing your part to get us 50 thousand hits, you're aiding the terrorists.

Ballad of Pants Johnson on MTV.COM

Any of you jokers with a PC can go to MTV.COM's overdrive channel and look for the gHole (I keep calling it the gSpot by accident). Anyway find the latest epsisode and check it out. We are on after the Darkness segment- which is as good a place as any to appear. Overdrive does not work on a mac.

Hobo, Say Anything on iFilm

The good folks over at iFilm have posted "Dark Night of the Hobo" so be sure to click over and watch it 50 thousand times. You'll find a couple of our other ones on there as well. This marks the first non commercial one they've hosted.

UPDATE: They added Say Anything...

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