International Pancake Film Festival 2011: Hungry

thumbSean Burke is Hungry

Entry into the 2011 International Pancake Film Festival.

w/ Sean Burke

International Pancake Film Festival 2010: The Gentleman Caller

thumbCasper and his mute man servant Bruford entertain a gentleman caller over breakfast.

Entry into the 2010 International Pancake Film Festival. .

w/ Eric Grissom

Reggae Party

duckIt's a party.

w/ Sean Burke, Eric Grissom, Scott Thiele, and Neil Larosa


butterworthWhere dreams go to die.

2008 entry into the International Pancake Film Festival: Texas

w/ Eric Grissom

Mustaches for Kids: Day Thirty

mustacheThirty days in and it's finally over. Presented for your enjoyment is the last video, and the end of the Mustache Chronicles.

Packed to the gills with excitement. Watch with extreme prejudice.

Mustaches for Kids: Day Twenty Three

mustache The "sad" episode. Life with a mustache isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure it's got its perks, but most of the time it just itches.

Plus more viewer mail! One more week till the shaving extravaganza.

Mustaches for Kids: Day Sixteen

mustache The mustache is nearly full grown! Exciting viewer mail segments, and more snazz then you can shake a stick at.

Mustaches for Kids: Day Seven

mustache One week in, and the mustache has already started talking out of turn. Remember, this is for charity.

Mustaches for Kids: Day One

mustache Growing a mustache for charity. for the kids. for america.


ngb pilotThe last thing I remember was an old friend telling me he was putting on an International Pancake Film Festival in Chicago. Three days later I woke up in a bathtub full of ice and this was taped to my forehead.

2007 entry into the International Pancake Film Festival: Chicago

w/ Eric Grissom

The Science of Discovery: America!

ngb pilotLearn about the exciting history of the United States with your friend and mine, B. B. Adams. It's the Science of Discovery!

w/ Eric Grissom

The Guitar Hero Kid: Wayward Son

ngb pilotOne man must face a monkey man, space travel, Norwegian Black Metal, and a battle between good and evil.

w/ Bryan Sproat, Darren D'Amato, Eric Grissom, Stella Psaroudakis, and James Wier.

True Gaming Legends: Pac-Man

true gaming legend: pac-manA hard hitting investigative report on the life of Pac-Man.

w/ Bryan Sproat, Eric Grissom, Pete Capella, Corey Feldman, and Alison Doyle.

True Gaming Legends: Link

ngb pilotOur latest short for MTV's the G-Hole, takes a hard look at the dirty secrets of the Legend of Zelda's Link. Thanks to for the coverage.
w/ Bryan Sproat, Pete Capella, and Eric Grissom.

The New Golden Boys

ngb pilotThe New Golden Boys try and land an agent.

w/ Bryan Sproat, Rob Dipatri, Pete Capella, Eric Grissom, Alison Doyle and Neil LaRosa.

Pants in the Family

The latest front in the "war on marriage" arrives at the doorstep of America's favorite family. Pants learns a valuable lesson about gay marriage and electrical appliances.

w/ Bryan Sproat, Dan McGee, Eric Grissom, Pete Capella, and Patty Hennessy.

The DDR Kid

The power of dance is all the Kid has left. But is it enough to defeat the local bruiser?

w/ Bryan Sproat, Darren D'Amato, Pete Capella, and Dennis Daley.

The Jean Genie

This clip is taken from the documentary "Asylum" about Patton State Mental Hospital. In it michael padilla reads the lyrics of the David Bowie song Aladdin Sane. I cut the video clip up and set it to the Bowie Song.

Dark Night of the Hobo

When Rob brings an old Hobo to the party, everyone learns a valuable lesson.

w/ Dan McGee, Bryan Sproat, Neil LaRosa, Eric Grissom, James Wier, Alison Doyle, and Pete Capella.

The Dinner

Virgin Mobile asked us to make an online commercial. All we had to go on was that it had to tie into the "Chrismahanukwanzakah" campaign, and had to feature the song.

w/ Dan McGee, Bryan Sproat, Patty Hennessy, Elizabeth Welsh, Eric Grissom and Kiran Pande

And Starring Crystal Peanuts as Herself

You know how it is, you go on a blind date and the next thing you know your sitting across from some flower eating man lady with a horse fetish.

w/ Rob DiPatri and Bryan Sproat.

"Ballad" of Pants Johnson

The simple task of opening a refridgerator door is an epic struggle for "Pants". Sure he might be retarded, but he also might just be the most amazing man in America.

w/ Dan McGee, Bryan Sproat, and Eric Grissom

Public Service Announcement

A Father confronts his son's harrowing video game addiction. A heartwarming tale of a son's struggle and a father's dark secret. We learned it by watching you.

w/ Dan McGee, Bryan Sproat, and Eric Grissom.

NES Players for Truth

Parody of the 2004 Swiftboat political ads against Senator John Kerry.

w/ Dan McGee, Bryan Sproat, Max Bernstein and Eric Grissom

Promise #36

We make a lot of promises at Red Devil Games, and this is one of many. It is our firm pledge to America to never give you a venereal disease, no matter how much we may want to. w/ Dan Johnson and Dan McGee

Bob Clampett Falls in Love

Bob Clampett was a mild mannered employee who learned to love. He loved like a goddamn champ right until the end.

w/ Rob DiPatri, Eric Grissom, Brian Lynch, Holly Strachan, and Dan McGee

Frederick R Salvi's Feline Revue

Frederick R Salvi performs theatre, often based on major motion pictures, with a feline acting troupe.

w/ Rob DiPatri, and Eric Grissom.

Empty Basin

Two business men stand in a tub and argue over the water bill. What the hell were we thinking?

w/ Dan McGee, Rob DiPatri and Eric Grissom

Hero Parade

Ten years ago heroes walked the earth, they had parades for that shit. This was the first sketch we ever shot as a group.

w/ Brian Lynch, Bryan Sproat, Eric Grissom, and Rob DiPatri.

Say Anything

Somehow we came across this rare outtake from the 1989 Cameron Crowe film "Say Anything".

w/ Rob DiPatri and John Mahoney.