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The Dinner

Virgin Mobile asked us to make an online commercial. All we had to go on was that it had to tie into the "Chrismahanukwanzakah" campaign, and had to feature the song.

w/ Dan McGee, Bryan Sproat, Patty Hennessy, Elizabeth Welsh, Eric Grissom and Kiran Pande

And Starring Crystal Peanuts as Herself

You know how it is, you go on a blind date and the next thing you know your sitting across from some flower eating man lady with a horse fetish.

w/ Rob DiPatri and Bryan Sproat.

"Ballad" of Pants Johnson

The simple task of opening a refridgerator door is an epic struggle for "Pants". Sure he might be retarded, but he also might just be the most amazing man in America.

w/ Dan McGee, Bryan Sproat, and Eric Grissom

Public Service Announcement

A Father confronts his son's harrowing video game addiction. A heartwarming tale of a son's struggle and a father's dark secret. We learned it by watching you.

w/ Dan McGee, Bryan Sproat, and Eric Grissom.

NES Players for Truth

Parody of the 2004 Swiftboat political ads against Senator John Kerry.

w/ Dan McGee, Bryan Sproat, Max Bernstein and Eric Grissom

Promise #36

We make a lot of promises at Red Devil Games, and this is one of many. It is our firm pledge to America to never give you a venereal disease, no matter how much we may want to. w/ Dan Johnson and Dan McGee
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