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Mustaches for Kids | The New Golden Boys

Mustaches for Kids

Mustaches for Kids: Day Thirty

mustacheThirty days in and it's finally over. Presented for your enjoyment is the last video, and the end of the Mustache Chronicles.

Packed to the gills with excitement. Watch with extreme prejudice.

Mustaches for Kids: Day Twenty Three

mustache The "sad" episode. Life with a mustache isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure it's got its perks, but most of the time it just itches.

Plus more viewer mail! One more week till the shaving extravaganza.

Mustaches for Kids: Day Sixteen

mustache The mustache is nearly full grown! Exciting viewer mail segments, and more snazz then you can shake a stick at.

Mustaches for Kids: Day Seven

mustache One week in, and the mustache has already started talking out of turn. Remember, this is for charity.

Mustaches for Kids: Day One

mustache Growing a mustache for charity. for the kids. for america.

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