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Dateline: Mario

to catch a mascotTo Catch a Mascot.

w/ Bryan Sproat, Neil LaRosa, and Eric Grissom

The Guitar Hero Kid: Wayward Son

ngb pilotOne man must face a monkey man, space travel, Norwegian Black Metal, and a battle between good and evil.

w/ Bryan Sproat, Darren D'Amato, Eric Grissom, Stella Psaroudakis, and James Wier.

True Gaming Legends: Pac-Man

true gaming legend: pac-manA hard hitting investigative report on the life of Pac-Man.

w/ Bryan Sproat, Eric Grissom, Pete Capella, Corey Feldman, and Alison Doyle.

True Gaming Legends: Link

ngb pilotOur latest short for MTV's the G-Hole, takes a hard look at the dirty secrets of the Legend of Zelda's Link. Thanks to Joystiq.com for the coverage.
w/ Bryan Sproat, Pete Capella, and Eric Grissom.

The DDR Kid

The power of dance is all the Kid has left. But is it enough to defeat the local bruiser?

w/ Bryan Sproat, Darren D'Amato, Pete Capella, and Dennis Daley.

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